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Thursday, February 04, 2016 PSA - Support Local and Advocating on behalf of LOCAL Business Owners

For years, I supported buying local but there’s a big difference between Local Business and Local Business Owners. Walmart, Target and Lowes are local businesses but their owners are not our neighbors. Local business owners LIVE here. Many of them were born here. Local business owners have been a vital component of our community for centuries. Big retail and service companies are moving in at an alarming rate. Our Local Business Owner community is shrinking.


From now on, I will support Local Business Owners only. As publisher of Direct Mail Workz, I promise to support, promote and campaign for Local Business Owners ONLY.


“The Advocate for Local Biz Owners” will be the new tag line under the title of each of our six direct mail publications. When space is available, I will show the pros and cons and high light the difference between Local Business Owners and Local Business. I may even feature a Local Business Owner of the month.


I would like to start a group that will campaign, build awareness and promote Local Business Owners. We can even have a Local Biz Owners trade show. Your input, support and participation are welcome. I just bought domain.


Bob Rodriguez, a local business owner since 1980.

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Direct Mail Workz
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Monday, September 21, 2015 Presidential Proclamation -- National Hispanic Heritage Month, 2015


- - - - - - -



Throughout our history, our Nation has been enriched by the storied pasts of all who call the United States of America home.  America's Hispanic community has woven unique threads into the diverse fabric of our country and played an important role in shaping our national character as a people of limitless possibility.  This month, let us honor their distinct heritage while reaffirming our commitment to enabling them to build a future bright with hope and opportunity for themselves, their families, and the country we love.

Hispanics contribute to our Nation's success in extraordinary ways -- they serve in the military and government, attend schools across America, and strengthen the economy.  They are the father who works two jobs to give his children a better life, and the mother who ventures out to take a risk and start a business.  They are the student -- often the first in their family to go to college -- who pursues their greatest aspirations through higher education.  They are the lawful permanent resident who seeks to naturalize and become a citizen, and the business leader whose loved ones have lived in the United States for generations.  Each day, we see the tremendous impact they have on our communities, and they reflect an enduring truth at the heart of our Nation:  no matter where you come from or where your roots are, with hard work and perseverance you can make it in America.

My Administration remains committed to ensuring Hispanics have every opportunity to achieve the American dream.  Last year, we approved more than 4,000 loans totaling over $1 billion for Hispanic-owned small businesses, helping create jobs and improve local economies.  We have invested resources in education and reformed our schools to provide the opportunities every Hispanic student needs to graduate from high school prepared for the future they will inherit.  We have also expanded high-quality preschool and early childhood education for our youngest learners in Latino communities, and provided grants and loans to assist tens of thousands of Hispanic young people and adults on their journey toward earning a college degree.  The dropout rate for Hispanic students has been cut by more than half since the year 2000, and college enrollment has risen by 45 percent since 2008.  Additionally, since I signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the share of Hispanics under 65 without health insurance has fallen by one-third, and in the years ahead I will continue working to address the health disparities that still exist.  And we are expanding the cultural, economic, and familial ties that so many Hispanic Americans share with Latin America by entering a new chapter of engagement and cooperation with Cuba.

The United States has a centuries-old tradition of welcoming immigrants, which has given us a tremendous advantage over the rest of the world.  Last year, I took action to fix our broken immigration system within the confines of the law.  The policies include offering temporary relief to parents of children who are United States citizens or lawful permanent residents so they could come out of the shadows, get right with the law, and further contribute to America's success while also providing for their loved ones -- because as a Nation that values families, we must work together to keep them together.  I also took steps to modernize the legal immigration system for families, employers, and workers, and strengthened Federal immigrant integration efforts.  I created the White House Task Force on New Americans -- a Federal interagency effort focused on strengthening and enhancing our efforts to integrate new Americans and build welcoming communities.  And we are working to make sure the millions of individuals who are eligible for citizenship understand the opportunities, rights, and responsibilities that it affords.  While these actions make our system better, they are not a permanent fix to our broken immigration system -- and that is why I continue to call on the Congress to pass meaningful, comprehensive immigration reform.

As a Nation, we are bound by our shared ideals.  America's Hispanic community has the same dreams, values, trials, and triumphs of people in every corner of our country, and they show the same grit and determination that have carried us forward for centuries.  During National Hispanic Heritage Month, let us renew our commitment to honoring the invaluable ways Hispanics contribute to our common goals, to celebrating Hispanic culture, and to working toward a stronger, more inclusive, and more prosperous society for all.

To honor the achievements of Hispanics in America, the Congress by Public Law 100-402, as amended, has authorized and requested the President to issue annually a proclamation designating September 15 through October 15 as "National Hispanic Heritage Month."

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 15 through October 15, 2015, as National Hispanic Heritage Month.  I call upon public officials, educators, librarians, and all Americans to observe this month with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand fifteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and fortieth.


                              BARACK OBAMA

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 USDA Opens Enrollment Period for Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage

Release No. XXX.15                              Contact: Kent Politsch (202)720-7163

WASHINGTON, June 15, 2015 – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that eligible producers may now formally enroll in the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs for 2014 and 2015. The enrollment period begins June 17, 2015, and will end Sept. 30, 2015.

"The extensive outreach campaign conducted by USDA since the 2014 Farm Bill was enacted, along with extending deadlines, is central to achieving an expected high level of participation,” said Vilsack. “We worked with universities to simplify these complex programs by providing online tools so producers could explore how program election options would affect their operation in different market conditions; these tools were presented to almost 3,000 organizations across the country. The Farm Service Agency also sent more than 5 million educational notices to producers nationwide and participated in over 4,880 educational events with more than 447,000 attendees. I am proud of the many committed USDA employees who worked hard over the last several months to provide producers support to help them make these important decisions.”

The new programs, established by the 2014 Farm Bill, trigger financial protections for agricultural producers when market forces cause substantial drops in crop prices or revenues. More than 1.76 million farmers have elected ARC or PLC. Previously, 1.7 million producers had enrolled to receive direct payments (the program replaced with ARC and PLC by the 2014 Farm Bill). This means more farms have elected ARC or PLC than previously enrolled under previously administered programs. 

Nationwide, 96 percent of soybean farms, 91 percent of corn farms, and 66 percent of wheat farms elected ARC. 99 percent of long grain rice farms, 99 percent of peanut farms, and 94 percent of medium grain rice farms elected PLC.  For data about other crops and state-by-state program election results go to

Covered commodities under ARC and PLC include barley, canola, large and small chickpeas, corn, crambe, flaxseed, grain sorghum, lentils, mustard seed, oats, peanuts, dry peas, rapeseed, long grain rice, medium grain rice (which includes short grain and sweet rice), safflower seed, sesame, soybeans, sunflower seed and wheat. Upland cotton is no longer a covered commodity. 

The 2014 Farm Bill builds on historic economic gains in rural America over the past six years, while achieving meaningful reform and billions of dollars in savings for the taxpayer. Since enactment, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made significant progress to implement each provision of this critical legislation, including providing disaster relief to farmers and ranchers; strengthening risk management tools; expanding access to rural credit; funding critical research; establishing innovative public-private conservation partnerships; developing new markets for rural-made products; and investing in infrastructure, housing and community facilities to help improve quality of life in rural America. For more information, visit


USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. To file a complaint of discrimination, write: USDA, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (866) 632-9992 (Toll-free Customer Service), (800) 877-8339 (Local or Federal relay), (866) 377-8642 (Relay voice users).

Friday, March 13, 2015 Reminder for Local Farmers & Owners from the USDA
Avoid the End-of-Month Crunch
Elect Your Safety Net Program before the March 31 Deadline

By J. Calvin Parrish, Virginia SED

The month of March is upon us and with the change of calendar comes the dawn of springtime and many decisions for Virginia farmers.  And this year, these decisions include several important choices on federal safety net programs that could make a big difference for you, your family and your farm through 2018.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) is urging you, and farmers and landowners across the nation, to finalize your decisions on updating crop yield histories and reallocating base acres for new safety net programs established by the 2014 Farm Bill, known as Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC).  Updated yields and base acre reallocations could help improve your potential to recover payments when a weather disaster or unexpected changes in the marketplace negatively affect your income.  March 31 is the last day to update your records.

March 31 is also the last day to decide which program – ARC or PLC – is the right one for your operation.  Each program provides unique protections. The best choice will depend on factors specific to your individual farm.  FSA, in cooperation with a number of universities, has provided online Web-based tools, found at to help you make this important decision. The online tools have already helped more than half a million farmers so far. If you have not yet considered your PLC or ARC options, take the time today to explore the Web tools and then contact your FSA county office if you have questions.  

If you don’t make a decision by the March 31 deadline, then you will be assigned Price Loss Coverage, the default program, and lose payments for losses incurred in 2014.  However, if you complete your ARC or PLC election by the deadline, you will be protected against 2014 price or revenue losses.

Farming is one of the riskiest businesses in the world. These new programs can help to support your agricultural operation during unanticipated downturns in in the weather or markets.  

So, don't let this opportunity slip by.  Finalize your yield or base acre decisions, complete those conversations between landowners and producers, and conduct your final reviews to determine how ARC or PLC can help you.  Avoid that end of the month rush, and make an appointment today.  Your Virginia FSA county staff is standing by ready to help.

Monday, December 29, 2014 FSA Announces New Yield Data for Safety Net Calculations
Farmers can Update Yield History through Feb. 27, 2015

WASHINGTON, Dec. 22, 2014 — U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency (FSA) Administrator Val Dolcini today offered farmers new information to update program payment yields that will help them better select protections offered by the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs.  The new programs, established by the 2014 Farm Bill, are cornerstones of the commodity farm safety, offering farmers protection when market forces cause substantial drops in crop prices and revenues.

“The Farm Bill provided landowners with the option of updating their farm program payment yields. This is the first time that many producers have been able to update yields since 1986,” said Dolcini. “We’ve worked with the Risk Management Agency to make available certified yield data that producers can use to better calculate how the new safety net programs can offer the best protection against market swings.”

Producers can check with their local FSA county office to see if data is available for them. This data belongs to the producer and only the producer associated with the crop insurance records will be provided this service. Updating yield history or reallocating base acres can occur until Feb. 27, 2015.

FSA also issued a reminder that from Nov. 17, 2014, to March 31, 2015, producers will make a one-time election of either ARC or PLC for the 2014 through 2018 crop years. For more information, producers are encouraged to make an appointment to go into their local FSA county office. To find a local FSA county office, visit Additional information on the new programs is available at

These programs were made possible through the 2014 Farm Bill, which builds on historic economic gains in rural America over the past five years, while achieving meaningful reform and billions of dollars in savings for the taxpayer. Since enactment, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made significant progress to implement each provision of this critical legislation, including providing disaster relief to farmers and ranchers; strengthening risk management tools; expanding access to rural credit; funding critical research; establishing innovative public-private conservation partnerships; developing new markets for rural-made products; and investing in infrastructure, housing and community facilities to help improve quality of life in rural America. For more information, visit

Monday, December 29, 2014 USDA Provides Greater Protection for Fruit, Vegetable and Other Specialty Crop Growers
Free Basic Coverage Plans and Premium Discounts Available for New, Underserved and 
Limited Income Farmers

WASHINGTON, Dec. 12, 2014 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that greater protection is now available from the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program for crops that traditionally have been ineligible for federal crop insurance. The new options, created by the 2014 Farm Bill, provide greater coverage for losses when natural disasters affect specialty crops such as vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, floriculture, ornamental nursery, aquaculture, turf grass, ginseng, honey, syrup, and 
energy crops. 

“These new protections will help ensure that farm families growing crops for food, fiber or livestock consumption will be better able to withstand losses due to natural disasters,” said Vilsack. “For years, commodity crop farmers have had the ability to purchase insurance to keep their crops protected, and it only makes sense that fruit and vegetable, and other specialty crop growers, should be able to purchase similar levels of protection. Ensuring these farmers can adequately protect themselves from factors beyond their control is also critical for consumers who enjoy these products and for communities whose economies depend on them.” 

Previously, the program offered coverage at 55 percent of the average market price for crop losses that exceed 50 percent of expected production. Producers can now choose higher levels of coverage, up to 65 percent of their expected production at 100 percent of the average market price.

The expanded protection will be especially helpful to beginning and traditionally underserved producers, as well as farmers with limited resources, who will receive fee waivers and premium reductions for expanded coverage. More crops are now eligible for the program, including expanded aquaculture production practices, and sweet and biomass sorghum. For the first time, a range of crops used to produce bioenergy will be eligible as well. 

“If America is to remain food secure and continue exporting food to the world, we need to do everything we can to help new farmers get started and succeed in agriculture,” Vilsack said. “This program will help new and socially disadvantaged farmers affordably manage risk, making farming a much more attractive business proposition.”

To help producers learn more about the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program and how it can help them, USDA, in partnership with Michigan State University and the University of Illinois, created an online resource. The Web tool, available at, allows producers to determine whether their crops are eligible for coverage. It also gives them an opportunity to explore a variety of options and levels to determine the best protection level for their operation.

If the application deadline for an eligible crop has already passed, producers will have until Jan. 14, 2015, to choose expanded coverage through the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program. To learn more, visit the Farm Service Agency (FSA) website at or contact your local FSA office at The Farm Service Agency (FSA), which administers the program, also wants to hear from producers and other interested stakeholders who may have suggestions or recommendations on the program. Written comments will be accepted until Feb. 13, 2015 and can be submitted through

These new provisions under the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program were made possible through the 2014 Farm Bill, which builds on historic economic gains in rural America over the past five years, while achieving meaningful reform and billions of dollars in savings for the taxpayer. Since enactment, USDA has made significant progress to implement each provision of this critical legislation, including providing disaster relief to farmers and ranchers; strengthening risk management tools; expanding access to rural credit; funding critical research; establishing innovative public-private conservation partnerships; developing new markets for rural-made products; and investing in infrastructure, housing and community facilities to help improve quality of life in rural America.  For more information, visit 
Monday, December 29, 2014 New IRS Publication helps you understand the Health Care Law

There is a new publication that will help you learn about how the Affordable Care Act affects your taxes.  IRS Publication 5187, Health Care Law: What’s New for Individuals and Families is now available on While the health care law has several parts, this publication breaks down what’s new for the 2014 federal tax return you will be filing in 2015.

This new publication provides important information for taxpayers who:

  • Had health insurance coverage for the entire year
  • Did not have health coverage for each month of the year
  • Purchased health insurance from the Marketplace
  • Might be eligible for an exemption from  the coverage requirement
  • Had advance payments of the premium tax credit sent to their insurance provider
  • Is claiming the premium tax credit on their tax return

The publication includes a glossary that will help you understand new terms related to ACA. It also addresses the new lines for reporting ACA information on Forms 1040, 1040-A and 1040-EZ.

Most people have qualifying health coverage, and all they will need to do is simply check a box on their tax return.

You can access Publication 5187 at, along with other important information related to the health care law. You can also find it by typing “p5187” into the search window at the top of any page or “5187” in the Forms and Pubs search window on

Monday, November 24, 2014 USDA Urges Dairy Producers to Choose Protections by Dec. 05

By J. Calvin Parrish

In modern agriculture, there is much we can control, but two dynamics remain beyond our reach: weather and markets. The unpredictability of both, and sudden changes in either, can disrupt any family farming operation.

Virginia dairy producers know these dynamics firsthand. The 2014 Farm Bill provides a safety net, in the form of the new Margin Protection Program for dairy, so that when unforeseen swings in markets occur, dairy producers are better protected and family businesses remain strong. 

The Margin Protection Program for dairy, which replaces the Milk Income Loss Contract program, was created by the Farm Bill to shield against when the margin — the difference between the price of milk and feed costs — falls below the levels of coverage selected by participating dairy producers.

However, this safety net is not automatic. You must visit your Farm Service Agency office to enroll before Dec. 5 to lock in these protections through 2018.  For just $100 you can cover 90 percent of your production at $4 margin swings and with affordable incremental premiums, you can cover $8 margin swings. In fact, if you enroll this year, you will even receive a slight increase in production protection that won’t be available in the future. It’s a small step to take to ensure your business is covered

If you’re not sure how the Margin Protection Program works or what it will mean for your operation, USDA’s online resource can help.  Go to, type in your specific operation data and explore price projections and market scenarios to determine what level of coverage is best for you. (You can also compare the data to see how the program would have helped in previous years like 2008 when margins dropped from $8 to $3 in just three months.) The online resource is on a secure website that can be accessed from your computer, mobile phone or tablet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You also have a chance to share your comments and help shape the Margin Protection Program for the future. According to statistics, more than 90 percent of dairy farms are family-owned and operated, often by multiple generations. USDA is committed to supporting family farmers and creating strong opportunities for the next generation of dairy farmers. But we need to hear from you about best to make the Margin Protection Program work for farming families.

Submitted your comments to us via the website at or send them by mail to: Danielle Cooke, Special Programs Manager, Price Support Division, FSA, USDA, STOP 0512, 1400 Independence Ave. SW., Washington, DC, 20250-0512.  Although enrollment in the Margin Protection Program ends Dec. 5, 2014, comments will still be accepted until Dec. 15, 2014. 

Don’t wait to enroll - - act today.  Today’s market conditions are strong, but as previous years have shown, markets can turn on a dime, costing you so much more if you don’t have a safety net to protect you.  

J. Calvin Parrish is State Executive Director for USDA’s Farm Service Agency in Virginia.  To learn more about the Margin Protection Program for dairy, contact your local USDA Farm Service Agency county office at or visit us on the web at .

Friday, October 24, 2014 PFAC Hosts Second Day of the Dead Celebration on Nov. 1

NEWPORT NEWS, VA – The Peninsula Fine Arts Center invites the community to a free celebration of the Day of the Dead from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1.

Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a traditional Mexican celebration of family and friends who have passed away. Loved ones are remembered with ofrendas, or altars, constructed in their honor and decorated with photos, favorite foods and special mementos. PFAC’s first Day of the Dead was attended by more than 250 people in 2013.

Beginning at 11 a.m., Liz Moran, professor of art history at Christopher Newport University, will give a talk on the artistic traditions associated with the Day of the Dead, including the preparation of altars, decoration of sugar skulls and creation of cut paper garlands called papel picado.

Following her talk, the community is invited to help PFAC construct an ofrenda in memory of two important Mexican artists, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. In addition, guests can decorate keepsake skulls made from air-dry clay and create tributes to their loved ones with sidewalk chalk.

At noon, Virginia Poet Laureate Emerita Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda will present a reading of poems inspired by the holiday. In addition, she will share poems from her book, “River Country,” focused on how humans have impacted the environment – the focus of PFAC’s new exhibition, “Environmental Impact.”

After her reading, Kreiter-Foronda will offer a poetry workshop centered on the Day of the Dead. The workshop is open to the public, but an RSVP is requested to

Artists from A Mile of Smiles will provide face painting to help visitors get the look of the calavera, an iconic image of a skeleton popularized in cartoons by José Guadalupe Posada. Face painting will be $3 for kids and $5 for adults.

The Day of the Dead celebration coincides with PFAC’s free weekend, offering free admission on the first weekend of every month through support from the Noland Memorial Foundation. Visitors can get a free look at “Environmental Impact,” featuring 75 works of art exploring global environmental changes, from the vanishing bee populations to melting glaciers.

The Peninsula Fine Arts Center is located at 101 Museum Drive within Mariners’ Museum Park in Newport News, Va.  The center is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 1 to 5 p.m. Sundays; PFAC is closed on Mondays.  Admission is regularly $7.50 for adults, $4 for children (ages 6-12) and free for children 5 and under.  Annual membership is $40 for individuals and $60 for families.  For more information, call (757) 596-8175 or



Thursday, October 23, 2014 VB Minority Business Council Conference and Expo
Minority Business Council Conference and Expo Set for Nov. 6

Susan “Syd” Dorsey, Small Business Adviser, to Speak

The Virginia Beach Minority Business Council will hold its 16th annual Conference and Expo on Thursday, Nov. 6, at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, 1000 19th St. Event registration and networking will begin at 2 p.m., with a small reception at its conclusion.

This year's theme, "Building Powerful Coalitions," aims to increase of the use of teaming, relationship and coalition building to secure contracts and procurement 

opportunities. Insight and strategies to increase networking and coalition building will be provided. The conference is a place for small businesses and those owned by women, minorities and veterans to market and promote their goods and services. Attendees have the opportunity to learn strategies to propel their enterprises to the next level, while sharing their companies' strengths and capabilities with procurement officials from across the Susan “Syd” Dorsey will be the keynote speaker. She was appointed Adviser for Small Business Equity and Development by Governor Terry McAuliffe in May. Previously, she worked as a consultant on issues of small business and supplier diversity and also as an adjunct professor of marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dorsey was director of marketing and sales for Astyra Corporation, a Virginia minority business, and spent 19 years with IBM Corporation, including global marketing manager for state and local government industries.

The event is free and open to the public, but space is limited. To register online, visit the Minority Business Council’s page here. For more information, contact Sharon Foster or Lavera Tolentino at (757) 385-4438.

# # #
Lavera Tolentino, (757) 385-4246

News Release:

Thursday, October 09, 2014 HIGHER Ground Women’s Leadership Development Program at VCU
The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University is now recruiting for its HIGHER Ground Women’s Leadership Development Program. We hope that you will share this professional development opportunity with members of your organization.

HIGHER Ground (Applications are due November 1, 2014)
The HIGHER Ground Women’s Leadership Development Program is a five-month leadership development experience for current and emerging women leaders who are committed to investing in themselves and their organizations. HIGHER Ground is designed to benefit women at all career levels in public, private, nonprofit and entrepreneurial positions. This highly rated leadership development experience offers opportunities for professional growth through experiential learning, personal assessment, leadership coaching, and networking. By engaging in intellectual and experiential workshops, participants learn key principles aimed at enhancing their leadership styles to help them successfully leverage opportunities for advancement.

We are also excited to share that award-winning journalist Suzanne Malveaux, CNN’s national correspondent, covering politics, national news, international events and culture, will join us as our keynote speaker for 9th Annual HIGHER Ground Women's Leadership Conference, on Friday, January 30, 2015, at the Downtown Richmond Marriott. Registration is now open!

For more information about HIGHER Ground and/or to submit an application please visit our website: Also, please feel free to contact the Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute at 804-827-1169 or if you have any questions.

We hope that you will encourage your network to take advantage of this development opportunity! 
Saturday, September 20, 2014 La Biblioteca Pública de Norfolk Celebra el mes de la Herencia Hispana

La Biblioteca Pública de Norfolk Celebra el mes de la Herencia Hispana

Norfolk, Va (Septiembre, 2014)- La biblioteca Pública de Norfolk, estará observando el Mes de la Herencia Hispana – Septiembre 15 a Octubre 15 con un calendario lleno de eventos especiales desde lecturas, taller de arte, clases de ejercicios, festival de películas, cuentos en español e ingles y conciertos.

Esta celebración de apertura se llevará a cabo el Sábado, 20 de Septiembre de 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., en la Biblioteca  Mary D. Pretlow, localizada en 111 W. Ocean View Avenue en Norfolk, Virginia.

Las actividades para la celebración de apertura; presentará a la oradora invitada, Olga Torres, Presidenta de la Cámara de Comercio de Hampton Roads; “El Artista Internacional”,cantante y músico-Roberto Henriquez; 

la caracterización de los  personajes de Maya y Miguel, bailarines de la Flor de Mejico, Desfile de las Naciones, Artesanía, Agencias y Organizaciones de la Comunidad y comida.

Los eventos son gratis para el público en general, y son ofrecidos en todas las Bibliotecas Públicas de Norfolk. Para la actualización y optener una lista de titulos y recursos de educación y entretenimiento - Visita la página de Internet

Contacto: Raquel N. Taylor

Especialista en Información Pública I

Biblioteca Pública de Norfolk

(757) 994-7328 ext 341

Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Celebración de Apertura “Mes de la Herencia Hispana”

Sábado-Septiembre20 @ 11am-2pm

Pretlow Anchor Branch Library

Actividades Incluidas – Olga Torres, Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana;

“El Artista Internacional”, músico y cantante-Roberto Henriquez; los personaje del Libro Maya y Miguel;  Flor de Mejico-grupo de niños bailarines;  desfile de los Paises; Artesanías;  Agencias y Organizaciones de la Comunidad;  Comida. (Familiar)


    Zumba (registración requerida)

Vámos a movermos al ritmo de la Zumba!-esta clase combina los bailes latinos de – Salsa,

 Merengue, Samba! (Jóvenes y Adultos) 

Martes@5:30 PM (Agosto 26; Sep. 2,9 &16) - Barron F. Black Branch

Lunes @ 5:30 PM (Sept.8,15 ,22 & 29) - Horace C.Downing Branch

@ 11 AM (Sept. 20 &27; Oct 4& 11) - 
Park Place Branch



Se presentará una película cada semana (Adultos)

    Lunes @ 6 PM (Sept. 15 ,22, 29; Oct 6)

              Pretlow Anchor Branch Library

Septiembre 15: “ 7  Cajas”  (2012) clasificada PG-13

Victor, recibe una propuesta inusual para llevar 7 cajas con un contenido desconocido atraves del Mercado Paraguayo Y las cosas se complican en el camino!

Sept- 22 “El camino a casa” (2009)-no clasificada

La trajectoria de varios niños mejicanos solos, emigrando a America, es crónica en la película.

Sept. 29  “Habla con ella” (2002) clasificada R

Dos hombres comparten una extraña  amistad, mientras cuidan de unas mujeres q estan en coma.

Oct 6 Quinceañera (2006) clasificada R

Magdalena, mientras prepara  su fiesta de Quince años descubre q está embarazada y su padre por razones

Religiosas la rechaza.

          FESTIVAL DEL CINE LATINO (Lafayette Branch)

     Se presentará una película cada semana (Adultos)

              Sábado @ 2PM (Sept: 27; Oct 4; 11 & 18

Sept 27:  “Hermano” (2010) no clasificada

Criados como hermanos Julio y Daniel, son fuertes competidores en el balonpie o (soccer). Cuando  un reclutador de “soccer” les ofrece una prueba,  un   acto de violencia amenaza separarlos.

Oct. 4 “Mamitas”   (2011) –clasificada R

Jordin es  un  creído en la escuela, pero un cariñoso nieto en la casa q nunca puede complacer a su padre. Conoce a Felipa, una chica intelectual que reconoce a la verdadera persona detrás de su arrogancia.

Oct. 11 “Gloria” (2013) clasificada R

Una mujer Madura, Gloria pasa las noches buscando amor en las discotecas.  Cuando conoce a Rodolfo la pasión q ellos sienten les hace dudar entre la esperanza y la desilusión.

Oct. 18   “No” (2012) clasificada R

“No”, cuenta la historia, como el 56% de la población de Chile en 1988 votó para sacar del   poder al dictador Augusto Pinochet y liberar a su país.


Martes, Septiembre 16 @ 4:30 PM

              Little Creek Branch

Usa textil hispano para diseñar y crear braceletes  (edad escolar)



        Sábado- Sept. 27 @ 11 AM  (Barron F. Black Branch)

Celebremos en un ambiente familiar con música, juegos,comida e información de la comunidad. (Familia)


             Concierto Bilingue: Roberto Henriquez

                       “Artista Internacional”

El músico y cantante, Roberto Henriquez, intrpretará una variedad

De canciones en Ingles y Español   (Familia)

       Sábado- Sept. 27 @1 PM    (Janaf Branch)


       Sábado – Oct. 4 @ 2:30 PM  (Jordan Newby Branch)

            Grupo Folklórico Panameño de Hampton Roads

           Jueves – Oct 2 @ 5:30 PM (Little Creek Branch Library)

Deleitese con el colorido de sus trajes típicos, su música y bailes folklóricos de Panamá. (Familia)


            Presentación de Taller y Arte Hispano para niños

                    Sábado- Oct 4 @ 1-4 P.M.  (Larchmont Branch)

Admira el arte creado por los niños,  participa escuchando los cuentos en ingles y español,  tú afición al arte y disfruta otras actividades (Familia)

Programa de eventos –  1 PM – Demostaración de Arte

                                   2 PM – Cuentos en español e ingles

                                   2:30 PM – Taller de Arte


          Conmemorando las Mujeres Pioneras Hispanas

               Sábado,  Oct.11 @ 1 P.M. (Blyden Branch)

 Unámonos a honrar las pioneras hispanas,  por su contribución y promoción de los latinos en la comunidad en Hampton Roads. (Familia) 

            Aura Robinson:  Grupo Folklórico Panameño

            Olga Torres: Cámara de Comercio Hispana              

            Ana Castellanos: Flor de México



   Conferencia:  “Semillas de Cambio en America Latina”

               Miercoles, Oct. 15 @ 5:30 P.M  (Van Wyck Branch)

En un diálogo abierto, el orador Renez López, compara el viejo mundo de la America Latina con el presente, examinando los cambios que han tenido un profundo y durarero impacto en su gente y cultura. ( Adultos)


Información de la Biblioteca Pública de Norfolk:

La Biblioteca ofrece acceso a toda clase de información “online”, libros, programas y servicio de Internet para todas las necesidades de nuestra comunidad etnica. El  Sistema de Bibliotecas consiste de una   Biblioteca Principal (Slover), 10 Sucursales y una Central (Pretlow) y  una Biblioteca Rodante.

Todos los programas son gratis y abiertos al público. 

Visite nuestra página de Internet, o llame al (757) 664-READ para mayor informacion.  


Friday, September 19, 2014 Presidential Proclamation --- National Hispanic Heritage Month, 2014

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary                                                                                            For Immediate Release, September 15, 2014

Presidential Proclamation --- National Hispanic Heritage Month, 2014




Nearly 50 years after the United States first observed what was then National Hispanic Heritage Week, Hispanics represent a vibrant and thriving part of our diverse Nation. Their histories and cultures stretch across centuries, and the contributions of those who come to our shores today in search of their dreams continue to add new chapters in our national story. This month, we honor the rich heritage of the Hispanic community and celebrate its countless achievements.

This month's theme, "Hispanics: A legacy of history, a present of action and a future of success," reminds us of all the ways Hispanics have enriched our Union and shaped our character. From those with roots that trace back generations to those who have just set out in pursuit of the promise of America, they have come to represent the spirit of our Nation: that with hard work, you can build a better life for yourself and a better future for your children. Hispanics have served honorably in our Armed Forces, defending the values we hold dear. They have transformed industries with new, innovative ideas. And they have led and inspired movements that have made our Nation more equal and more just.

In these accomplishments, we recognize that when we lift up the Hispanic community, we strengthen our Nation; when we create more ladders of opportunity, we provide the chance for all Americans to reach their greatest potential. My Administration is committed to supporting and fighting for policies that help Hispanics succeed. We are investing in programs that better prepare students and workers for today's economy, continuing to address disparities in health care, and pushing initiatives that grow our middle class.

Reforming our immigration system remains crucial for our economic future. When workers educated in America are unable to stay and innovate here, we are deprived of their full contributions, and when immigrants have to labor in the shadows, they often earn unfair wages and their families and our economy suffer. That is why I continue to call on the Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform, and why I am determined to address our broken immigration system through executive action in a way that is sustainable and effective, and within the confines of the law. America has always drawn its strength from the contributions of a diverse people. Throughout our Nation,

Hispanics are advancing our economy, improving our communities, and bettering our country. During National Hispanic Heritage Month, let us renew our commitment to ensuring ours remains a society where the talents and potential of all its members can be fully realized.

To honor the achievements of Hispanics in America, the Congress by Public Law 100-402, as amended, has authorized and requested the President to issue annually a proclamation designating September 15 through October 15 as "National Hispanic Heritage Month."

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 15 through October 15, 2014, as National Hispanic Heritage Month. I call upon public officials, educators, librarians, and all Americans to observe this month with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twelfth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand fourteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-ninth.


Friday, July 11, 2014 HRHCC Partners with Festevents for 14th Annual Latino Music Festival

14th Annual Latino Music Festival

Brings the Rhythm and Heritage of Latin and

Hispanic culture to the

Norfolk Waterfront

Town Point Park, Downtown Norfolk, VA

Free & Open to the Public

NORFOLK, VA – July 9, 2014.   Norfolk Festevents and the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce team up to present the 14thAnnual Norfolk Latino Music Festival on Saturday August 16, 2014 from 5pm to 10pm at Town Point Park in Downtown Norfolk Waterfront, Virginia.  


This popular annual community celebration will feature many new authentic Latino/Hispanic attractions including traditional games and contests, authentic food and beverage menus plus 5 hours of traditional and contemporary Latin music and dancing. 


Festival features include:


Family Fun from 5 pm- 8pm :

Youth Soccer – open play for ages 8 – 16, boys and girls, (no cleats, please)

Dominoes Tournament- Open play for ages 16 and older.

Giant Festive Flower Making Workshop- for all ages.


Music and Dancing featuring Zumba, Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata  from 5pm – 10 pm

·   Latin Jazz Conspiracy  7 pm – 10 pm  

·   DJ Mangu 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm  

·   Dance Instructions 5 pm – 8:30 pm

Rosa the Zumba Queen & Marilyn Castro

Authentic Food and Beverages:

            Local Latin/Hispanic Chefs and Restaurants:

·    Mi Hogar

·    Paraiso

·    El Morro Delicias y Algo Mas

·    Bilu’s

·    De Rican Chef

·    Summer Sangrias and Latino Beers


   Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Expo from 5pm – 10 pm

·   Meet local Hispanic owned businesses and learn about what’s new in the community


“The Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is excited to be partnering with Festevents on such a unique event for the City of Norfolk” explains Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Olga Torres.  She adds “The Latino Music Festival is a great opportunity for us to bring together and celebrate the wonderful variety of Latino cultures, as well as create an environment to showcase some of our amazing talents right here in the Hampton Roads Area”.


A portion of the proceeds to benefit scholarships for local Hispanic students.


What:                         14th Annual Norfolk Latino Music Festival

When:                        Saturday, August 16, 2014

Time:                         5pm – 10pm

Where:                      Town Point Park on the Downtown Norfolk Waterfront, Virginia

Admission:               Free & Open to the Public

Special Note:           Lawn Chairs and blankets are welcome.  Coolers, food and soft drinks are permitted.  No Alcohol or glass is permitted;   food and alcohol will be available for purchase during the festival.


For more information please visit, call 757-441-2345 or find us on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram


The 14th Annual Norfolk Latino Music Festival is produced by Norfolk Festevents in partnership with the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and presented with the City of Norfolk.  The event is sponsored by Norfolk Marriott, CFE Equipment Corporation and PEOPLExpress.


Norfolk Festevents, Ltd. is a private not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing premier concerts, festivals, ship visits and special events and city celebrations for residents and guests of Hampton Roads.  Celebrating its 32nd season, Norfolk Festevents has garnered international acclaim for its outstanding quality programming.  Norfolk Festevents is the official event marketing and production agency for the City of Norfolk.

Monday, January 20, 2014 Featured HRHCC Member Benefit - Optima Health Association Program
Featured Member Benefit 
HRHCC Optima Health
Association Program
Please help us welcome Susan Furlough Harris of the Harris Insurance Agency/Farmers Insurance as the managing agent of this great member benefit group health program. To learn more about the program please visit/ click on the following link:  Preferred membership with Optima Health  
At the Harris insurance Agency you can expect to receive prompt and professional service from Susan Harris and Melissa Bartoldus who is also able to help our HRHCC members in Spanish, if needed.  They also offer a wide range of insurance products; please give them  call.  
Susan Furlough Harris 
Farmers Insurance 
3115 Western Branch Blvd Ste 124 
Chesapeake, VA 23321-5528 
757-484-4700 (Office) 
757-484-1248 (Fax) 

"Join the Chamber...come and do good business!"  
"¡Únete a la Cámara...ven a hacer buenos negocios!"
Friday, March 08, 2013 Our Virginia non-English speakers case mentioned in Disparate Impact article by National Fair Housin

Effects Matter: Disparate Impact Standard for Fair Housing Ratified

Fair housing advocates celebrated a major milestone last month when HUD issued final regulations ratifying that "disparate impact analysis" can in fact be used to assess compliance with the federal Fair Housing Act.

There are still some in the housing industry who state outright that they will not rent, sell, or lend to certain groups of people. But these days, the barriers that people face in their search for housing more often are rooted in policies or practices that may appear neutral on their face, but disproportionately harm families, people of color, people with disabilities, etc.  Such policies, when they are allowed to stand unchallenged, affect us all.

Under HUD’s new rule, such policies and practices can be challenged with statistics showing a disparate impact or by otherwise showing that they cause or would predictably cause a disproportionately harmful impact on members of a class that is protected under the Fair Housing Act. 

Take, for example, the infamous “blood relative” ordinance adopted by St. Bernard Parish after Hurricane Katrina.  

The ordinance required owners of single family properties in the Parish to get special permission from the Parish before they could rent those homes to someone other than a blood relative.  Some 93 percent of the residents of St. Bernard Parish are white.  Until the blood relative ordinance was challenged by the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center and overturned by the court, this policy effectively barred access to people of color.

Similarly, Yorktown, New York’s “local preference” policy meant that first dibs on affordable rental housing in that predominantly white community in Westchester County went to people who already lived there, limiting access for people of color who came from other parts of the county or region.  This policy was also overturned after the Fair Housing Justice Center challenged it in court.

A number of lending discrimination cases brought by the US Department of Justice in the last few years have relied on the disparate impact doctrine.  The defendants included some of the country’s largest lenders, such as Wells Fargo and Countrywide, as well as smaller and mid-sized lenders like SunTrust, Prime Lending and GFI Mortgage Bankers.  In each of these cases, the lender engaged in policies or practices that led to borrowers of color, most frequently African-American and Latino borrowers, paying higher costs than similarly situated white borrowers.  In some of the cases, the companies also steered borrowers of color into risky, high priced subprime loans while providing comparable white borrowers with less risky, less expensive prime mortgages.

Or look at the case recently settled by HUD, overturning a Virginia landlord’s policy of not providing rental applications to prospective tenants who couldn’t communicate effectively in English, even if they brought their own translator into the rental office.  Nor could prospective tenants take rental applications home to get help with translation. This policy was very effective in keeping out immigrants from non-English speaking countries or others with limited proficiency in English.

Then there are the landlords who refuse to consider income from any source other than a full-time job.  That policy slams the door in the face of people with disabilities, whose income would sufficient to cover the rent, but comes in whole or in part from disability payments.  As more veterans come home with disabling injuries from our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, such policies harm more and more of us.

Land use policies that exclude multi-family housing, rental policies that limit the number of people per room and exclude families with children, lending policies that discount income earned by women on maternity leave or require them to prove they’ll return to work after the birth of their children – there are many, many examples of policies and practices that prevent particular groups of people from living in the communities of their choice, and prevent other residents in those communities from enjoying the benefits of diversity.

On More Solid Footing

It is just these types of policies and practices that the disparate impact doctrine is designed to dismantle.  Under the regulations, the company (landlord, lender, real estate agency, etc.) or jurisdiction using the contested policy then has the opportunity to show that it is tied to a substantial, legitimate, non-discriminatory interest.  If it can demonstrate that, the burden shifts back to the complainant or plaintiff to show that the legitimate interest can be served through another effective means that is less discriminatory in its impact.  Readers who are interested in more detail about the new rule can find it here, or look out for an article by Scott Chang, of the civil rights law firm Relman, Dane and Colfax in an upcoming issue of the Housing Law Bulletin.

The disparate impact doctrine is not new.  It has been in use for decades and has been upheld by all 11 US Courts of Appeal that have considered its validity.  It has also come under attack from some in the industry who would rather not take the time to make sure their policies and practices do not disadvantage particular groups of people. (See Greg Squires on "4 Ways Critics of the Disparate Impact Doctrine Have Got It Wrong.") HUD, by issuing the regulation, has taken an important step to protect and preserve disparate impact as a tool for expanding access to housing. 

We all know that where you live has an enormous impact on your success in life:  your access to education, jobs, transportation, health care, recreation, healthy food, and even your life expectancy.  The idea that everyone should get a fair shake is a basic American value, and it means that what you look like, where you come from, what religion you observe or whether you have children should not determine where you can live.  Diverse, thriving communities are a source of strength for our country as the world becomes increasingly interconnected.  Barriers that restrict access and housing choice based on race, religion, national origin, family status, disability or any of the other factors protected under the Fair Housing Act undermine that strength and our shared prosperity.  In enacting the disparate impact rules, HUD has taken a critically important, common sense step to help guarantee that prosperity.

All of us in the affordable housing, community development and civil rights fields who are trying to expand housing choice should celebrate HUD’s action in issuing a final rule.  Perhaps the best way to celebrate is to put this rule to work whenever we encounter discriminatory policies or practices that unfairly limit access to housing opportunities.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012 HRHCC Announces Newly Elected President and Board Members

Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Elects New Board Members

HAMPTON ROADS - July 31, 2012 – Founding members of the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and current board members met at One of a Kind Landscapes and Home Remodeling in Yorktown to account for available ‘Board of Directors' seats and elect new board members to the chamber.

May 10 & 15, 2012 – The Nominating Committee for the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce met to interview prospective board members that were nominated for potential positions. The long process, in accordance with the chamber’s “By-Laws”, was held in Virginia Beach and Newport News.

Nominating Committee Chair and former HRHCC President Al Guerra of Kelvin International Corporation went thru due process in counting available board of director seats being vacated. Former members Gaby Rengifo of One of a Kind Landscape and Home Remodeling, Hugo Valverde of Valverde and Powell, P.C. , now former President Carlos Espinoza of Silverchair Information Systems, and administrator/Business After Hours Director Gloria Day, vacated their board member seats.

After establishing a necessary quorum earlier, Mr. Guerra began the motion of electing the new members including new President Olga Torres of Taína Consulting, Vice President, Southside Jaime Barón of Bryant and Stratton College, Financial Counsel Guisela Torres of ABNB, Education Director Madeline Diaz of Wells Fargo Bank, and Media/Internet Coordinator Sergio Sanchez of Grillo’s Photography.  New board members are expected to occupy their seat for three years, or one term, and may serve for no more than two consecutive terms.

Continuing on the board will be Al Guerra of Kelvin International Corporation, Vice President, Peninsula Andres Arellano Garrido of Farmers Insurance, and Carlos Tricoche of Network Designs.  Founding members in attendance included Jazmin Davidson., Gaby Rengifo, Alejandra Lee, Awilda Rivera, and Gloria Day.  The founding members commented on the growth of the chamber in its nearly 10th years of existence.

The newly appointed and continuing board members met August 15, 2012 in Hampton to discuss previous, current, and new business. Some events on the horizon include “Nuestra Feria 2013”, new local business events, upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month events, networking events such as business after/before hours, and next year's Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 10th Anniversary.  This is a very exciting time for the HRHCC Board members as the Hispanic population continues to grow.  

HRHCC is the principal resource and advocate for the joint promotion of Hispanic Businesses, Consumers and Organizations, and since 2003 has served as the gateway to the Hampton Roads Hispanic market.  For more information on HRHCC visit


Olga Torres

Phone: (757) 348-9969 / (757) 202-4204


Thursday, July 19, 2012 Radio Selecta 1050 am Makes Virginia Broadcasting History

For the first time in the Virginia Broadcasting Awards’ 75-year history, a Spanish-language station has captured honors. La Selecta 1050 WVXX radio, based in Norfolk, won second place in the “Best Public Service” category in the large-market division of the competition, which is held each year by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters to recognize outstanding achievement by radio and television stations statewide. Never before has a Hispanic broadcasting outlet earned an award in the program.

La Selecta won for “Aprendiendo Inglés con La Gringa / Learning English with La Gringa,” a Monday-through-Friday morning segment that teaches listeners English phrases. It is taught by co-host La Gringa, a non-Hispanic who learned Spanish as an adult and works alongside morning show host Ricardo Alegria.

“La Selecta should take great pride in winning this award because it demonstrates excellence in what radio does best, which is serving its community,” said Virginia Association of Broadcasters executive director Douglas Easter. “This honor demonstrates that as the Hispanic population in Virginia has grown, La Selecta is committed to providing true service to its listeners.”

The number of Hispanics in Hampton Roads nearly doubled between 2000 and 2010, according to the United States Census. Statewide, the demographic rose by 92 percent during that time. Hampton Roads is home to about 2,300 Hispanic-owned businesses, according to a 2007 study.

Olga Torres serves on the board of directors for the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “This prestigious award represents the growing impact and presence of the Hispanic culture within the greater Hampton Roads community, and we are extremely proud of this achievement as it is an historic event,” she said. “As a an active member of the local Hispanic community, I truly value La Selecta’s programming because it encompasses entertainment, education, news and the opportunity for local and national companies and organizations to reach their listeners.”

La Selecta 1050 WVXX began broadcasting in 2005, offering a mix of Spanish-language news, information and music. The station’s signal is 1050 AM and it streams live from Its studios are located at 700 Monticello Ave., Norfolk.

“We are very proud to win in the Virginia Broadcasting Awards and to be the first-ever Spanish-language station honored,” said Andy Hindlin, president and owner of Hindlin Broadcasting, which owns and operates La Selecta 1050 WVXX. “From our start, we have been dedicated to serving as a listener resource and excellent corporate citizen both within the Hispanic community and the entire Hampton Roads community.”

The award-winning feature, “Aprendiendo Inglés con La Gringa / Learning English with La Gringa,” was launched in response to audience request.

“The station had been receiving many calls from listeners asking that it help the community by offering English lessons on the air,” said La Gringa. “The segment is designed to assist our audience succeed in their daily lives by teaching phrases useful at work and in the greater community. Many listeners have told us the lessons have helped them immensely.”

The Board of Directors of the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and its members congratulate Radio Selecta 1050 am and their staff on this great honor and wish them the very best in the future.  We want to thank them for all their support to our non-profit organization, we love you all.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012 Meet Our May New Members & Renewing Members

Greitcha Quinones - A Su Preferencia Familiar Services de Funerarias y Cremaciones

                          (757) 353-0520 (Virginia Beach)

 Anthony Rivera – Edible Arrangements (757) 422-4126 (Virginia Beach)

 Elaine M Arrieta – Arrieta Construction, Inc. (757) 968-5051 (Lackey)

 Lorena Justin – Lorena’s Boutique (757) 283-4013 (Newport News)

Monday, April 30, 2012 Meet Our New March & April Members

Willow House - Cyndi Warwick

Poncier Lynch Inc. - Poncier Lynch

Bowditch Ford - Kirsten Peterson

Vanessa Torres - FBI Community Outreach Specialist

Integrated Administration Solutions, LLC - Misty Leinberger

1st Advantage Federal Credit Union - Rosie Velasques


Monday, April 02, 2012 About HRHCC video
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 HRHCC 2012 President's Scholarship up to $2,000

Bryant & Stratton College would like to continue to show support for Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area by partnering with the Hampton Roads Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to offer the 2012 HRHCC President's Scholarship.  The scholarship is available to HRHCC members and their families.   You can apply online.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 USCIS proposes a change of policy on illegal relatives of US Citizens

The initiative would allow spouses, parents or children of US citizens who have been illegally in the country to legalize their status without the wait abroad.

For more information or to check your eligibility:

Hugo Valverde
Valverde & Rowell, P.C.

3500 Virginia Beach Blvd, Suite 110
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Telephone: 757-422-8472
Fax: 757-282-2502 

 read more ...
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 El Servicio de Inmigración propone cambio de política que beneficiaría a familiares ilegales de ciu

La iniciativa permitiría a cónyuges, padres e hijos de ciudadanos de EE.UU. que están ilegalmente en el país legalizar su situación sin tener que esperar un perdón en el extranjero.

Miami, Fl, 08/01/2012 -. El Servicio de Inmigración (USCIS) anunció un Aviso de Intención de cambiar su proceso de no iniciar el examen de perdón para inmigrantes ilegales que están en los EE.UU. y deben viajar a su país natal a esperar dicha acción. Eduardo Soto, presidente de Cómo un Inmigrar EE.UU., el grupo de profesionales de la inmigración, declaró: "este es un gran paso adelante en un campo en el que la Administración Obama ha hecho muy poco", dijo el abogado de inmigración en Miami.

Para más información o para verificar su elegibilidad:

Hugo Valverde
Valverde & Rowell, P.C.

3500 Virginia Beach Blvd, Suite 110
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Telephone: 757-422-8472
Fax: 757-282-2502 

 read more ...
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 $30,000 para títulos de post-grado para Latinos ofrece The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Founda
The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, busca atraer a estudiantes Latinos a que obtengan una Maestría en educación, entregándoles una beca de $30,000.  Las aplicaciones están abiertas en

 y el plazo final para completar las solicitudes es el 10 de Enero del 2012.  Pueden aplicar a estas becas individuos que tengan un título universitario  de cuatro años con especialidad en campos relacionados con Ciencias, Tecnología, Ingeniería o Matemáticas.    

Para información más detallada por favor visite: y también puede contactar a Silvia Echeverría (609) 277-3007 o 


 read more ...
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 HRHCC receives 2011 SunTrust Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award

For its leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion in the Hampton Roads Area

Diversity is a given in our daily lives. Inclusion is all about accepting and respecting different and unique points of view. The HRHCC promotes inclusion by helping to increase the acceptance and respect of our hispanic community and businesses in the Hampton Roads Community as a whole. Also, we work with non-hispanic businesses and organizations to gain the acceptance and respect of the Hispanic market. 

These past nine years we have worked hard to position our organization as the bridge that unites all these diverse groups. We plan to continue playing that role in the coming years. That is an important role in this global economy, we want to continue to help Hampton Roads to be seen as as place where people and businesses from all backgrounds can prosper and develop in harmony.

Receiving this award has been a great honor and a recognition of all the hard work by our Board of Directors, our volunteers,our members and our sponsors. Thank you very much to all of you!


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